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The Top 7 Cloud Computing Developments to Watch for in 2015

Cloud computing is continually evolving, and there will be no shortage of facelifts in 2015 with different technologies and problems emerging for hybrid, private, and public clouds. This young industry is ripe for change, and if our research is correct then hopefully these forecasts will come to fruition.

While anything could happen, here are seven things we believe you should keep an eye out for in 2015.

  1. Cloud will Overtake On-Premises Services: The mobility offered by cloud computing services is gaining momentum. If current trends continue, we could see revenues from cloud services overtake those of on-premises programs. Major players such as Microsoft are taking cloud-first approaches now, and that is very telling of this eventual shift. It’s safe to say that everyone saw this shift coming at some point, but we could possibly see this change much sooner than expected.
  2. Hacks will Become Inevitable: SaaS services will experience more hacks than Cloud services, and it will be largely due to the behavior of the SaaS customers. Poor compliance to rules and a lack of training & education will compromise many end-user organizations accessing third-party SaaS services.
  3. Hybrid Cloud Management Becomes a Reality: Have you been dreaming of managing your work on-premises and through multiple public and private clouds? A growing number of tools may give you the ability to manage your work from all of these platforms on a single dashboard. You can expect some trial and error for this to happen, but nonetheless, you can expect it to happen.
  4. Managed Private Clouds will Disappear: Service providers will likely become reprehensive about managing on-premises private clouds. Eventually the service will become more trouble than it’s worth. This may take time, but we think this is likely to happen sooner rather than later.
  5. SaaS Services will Branch Out Vertically: Horizontal growth has peaked in SaaS vendors. With well-equipped HR and CRM departments, these companies will look into expanding their services vertically into manufacturing, healthcare, and financial service industries.
  6. SaaS Vendors will Inch Towards Hybrid Cloud: SaaS providers that offer public-only, multi-tenant deployments might create hybrid services that could eventually reach into the on-premises market.
  7. Storage Prices will Drop: The proliferation of service providers may drive prices to dangerously low levels, and the drop-off of certain companies like Symantec Backup Exec. Storage companies may be forced to branch into other services such as business continuity, data recovery, and e-discovery as they are higher-margin. It’s sink or swim for some providers, but if they can find ways to service customers in other valuable ways, they should remain afloat.

These are just seven things to keep on your radar. For more information, call us today.

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