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Cloud Computing, Security and Analytics Set to Have Big Year in 2015

Money speaks, and where executives invest their money can say a lot about where an industry is heading or where the new focus is being placed. With this being said, the majority of IT spending in 2015 is going to concentrate on new security technologies, better analytical tools and cloud computing.

To go into the details, investments in security technologies will be increasing by 46% (compared to spending in 2014); investments in cloud computing will rise by 42%; and spending on business analytics tools will rise by 38%.

Currently, cloud computing seems to be the most important area of spending. But there were also other areas that saw increases in spending. Investments in storage rose by 36% over 2014 and spending on wireless and mobile technologies increased by 35%.

The only area where experts predicted a decrease in spending was in hardware.

New Areas of IT Investment in 2015

Some interesting new areas of spending in IT are in IoT (Internet of Things), HPC (High-Performance Computing), and Energy-saving and carbon-reducing technologies. IoT spending saw a year-over-year increase of 32%; High-performance computing increased by 22%, and spending in energy-saving technologies increased by 16%.

IT Budgets Continue to Grow

IT budgets also appear to be growing larger, with 43% of companies polled saying that they saw an increase in their spending budgets, while 45% of companies said that their budgets would remain the same. Overall, IT budgets have increased by 4.3% from 2014 to 2015. Only 12% of IT departments actually reported smaller spending budgets in 2015 than in 2014.

New Focuses for IT Departments in 2015

More and more, IT departments are driving growth and revenue in companies, but they’re also driving competition and attempting to get to know their customers better. In a poll there were various areas of focus for IT departments.

Some of the leading areas of focus were: cutting costs, optimizing existing investments, optimizing and automating business processes, growing revenue, accelerating the business process, and improving on collaboration in business. Maintaining and improving the services provided by IT departments appeared to be the number one goal across the board for the companies polled.

Cloud Computing Remains King in IT

Of all the initiatives set forth by IT departments, those that had to do with cloud computing appeared to be at the forefront of every business that was polled (16% of businesses reported cloud computing as their key area of focus). Closely following the cloud were projects focusing on modernizing and replacing legacy systems. Software on-premises, security technologies, application development and business analytics were other important points of emphasis for IT departments in 2015.

The data above was taken from IDG Enterprise research. More than 190 respondents were polled with various levels of IT experience from executive roles to those with roles in business management. For more information on anything cloud-related, contact us today.

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